Welcome to Hope Merchant Counseling! We are a queer-affirming, sex-positive, trauma informed, and integrative counseling space. All genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, ages, and bodies are welcome.

Hope Merchant Counseling is Different

Real Talk: There are many of kinds of therapy in the world and they are not all created equal. Some are wonderful and life-changing and some are what we call bandaid therapy. Bandaid therapy offers surface level processing, doesn’t get to the root of the matter, and often doesn’t go beyond the brain. While there may be initial relief (the equivalent of antibiotic ointment and a bandaid if you will), it is likely that the presenting issue will resurface down the road through lived experience, an environmental trigger, etc. In other words, the figurative bandaid is ripped off to reveal a festering wound that didn’t get the continued attention it needed for true healing.

At Hope Merchant Counseling, you’re going to work with a therapist who sees you. A therapist with a big-ass tool kit to help you access all parts of yourself. A therapist who wants to know more, who will push you more, who wants more for you. At HMC you’ll be challenged, and you’ll also be supported and encouraged. You’ll have space to explore the why and how of who you are. The space to feel and express your feelings without judgement and without the infliction of guilt or shame. At HMC there are no bad parts of you. Rather, there is freedom, hope, and healing (beyond the bandaid). If hope, healing, and change is what you’re looking for, you’ve found your place.


Under the supervision of Susan Hall, LPC MO 002703

Holistic &

Trauma Informed

Hope Merchant Counseling is committed to holistic, trauma informed care. This means we go beyond your thoughts and check in with all parts of you. This may include your nervous system, your somatic experience, your body language and many other parts of you within your window of tolerance. It may also mean revisiting early childhood experiences and attachment injuries. Whatever it may be, it will be on your terms and always with your consent. We commit to honoring and respecting your boundaries to keep you feeling safe, and will never push you to do or say anything you’re not comfortable with.


Your session will include talking, yes. It may also involve play. Or drawing. Or writing. It may include parts work or somatic experiencing. There may be breathing, visualizing, or stretching. Maybe all of those things. Each therapist at HMC has their preferred method of a trauma informed approach and each person is different. Sometimes, each session is different. Therapy is not one-size-fits-all and should not be cookie cutter. You are are not made from a cookie cutter. You are unique and your experience with us will be too.

Safe Space

At Hope Merchant Counseling, all are welcome. No matter your culture, color, creed, you are welcome. No matter your gender or sexual identity, the number of partners you have, or your sexual preference, you are welcome. Whether, you are quiet or loud, introverted or extroverted, colorful or prefer to blend in, you are welcome. No matter your size, your ability, your clothes, your hobbies, you are welcome. All kinds, all ways, all types are welcome. You are safe here.

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