M.Ed, PLPC under the supervision of Susan Hall, LPC 002703

Hope Merchant. Facilitator of Healing. Reflector of Authenticity.

The Counselor

I am a hope merchant, facilitator of healing, proponent of change, and believer in YOU. I am a really great listener, a (figurative) cheerleader, a challenger of bullshit, and the keeper of space held just for you if you so choose. I have a special interest in the LGBTQIA+ community, gender and sexuality, and complex trauma. I really enjoy working with the 16-25 year old population, and people who feel “stuck”, confused, or overwhelmed with regard to identity. I am level 1 trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS), and a big proponent of somatic experiencing as well as polyvagal theory. I have worked with individuals who struggle with eating disorders, personality disorders, complex trauma, self-harm, suicide ideation, attachment injuries, depression, anxiety, and general overwhelm. I have knack for helping people find and understand their true, authentic self, along with confidence, and purpose.

Under the supervision of Susan Hall, LPC MO 002703

The Human

 I’m queer, an advocate for queer, trans, and Black lives, and a wholehearted supporter of equity and equal human rights for all. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and have called St. Louis, MO home since 2017. I L O V E  what I do, and believe so deeply in the power of validation, growth through awareness and acceptance, and deep personal connection, that I spent a bunch of money and a bunch of time getting my master’s degree in professional counseling from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Prior to that I worked for many years in restaurant and grocery retail leadership, where I found the power of authentic connection with others. I love nature, love animals, have five (yes, FIVE!) rescue pups, and live very happily with my partner amongst the trees. 

You + Me

In our sessions, you can always expect a sacred space held just for you, room to breathe, and authentic, non-judgmental support. Otherwise, you will lead the way, and I will help facilitate change, growth, and healing through a variety of methods. It could be talk therapy, art, a writing prompt, breathing, visualization, parts work (IFS), somatic check ins or some combination of those things. We’ll explore core beliefs and their roots. We’ll explore the things that don’t make sense, the hard things, and the things you’re hung up on. We’ll explore your intersecting identities, and the unique qualities that make you, you. We’ll celebrate joy and excitement, we’ll honor grief and sorrow, and hold space for anger and frustration. At HMC, there is room for all of you and all of your parts. Every person is different, endures different lived experiences, moods, comfort levels, and biology which leads to unique therapeutic experiences. I will challenge you to push yourself because it is often through the discomfort of change that we grow, gain perspective, and become our most authentic self.