Services + Fees

Please note that Hope Merchant Counseling does not accept insurance for many reasons which can be found below. We accept cash, credit card, or HSA to be paid same day of service.



Virtual Only

50-minute individual session-$125



In person or virtual

60-minute individual session-$150

90-minute individual couple, poly, family session-$225


Reduced Fee Sessions

Hope Merchant Counseling does offer a limited number of reduced fee spots. While Jean’s reduced fee caseload is currently full, Greg does have some available. Please contact him directly for availability at

*80-minute sessions are typically reserved for IFS-focused clients or clients who have more complex needs, though this can be discussed on an as-needed basis.

**While we do not typically see couples or families, there are times when an individual client may benefit from a limited number of sessions with their partner(s) or family to better facilitate healing. Otherwise, couples or families will be considered on a case by case basis depending on focus of need.

Cancellation Policy

We have a no cancellation policy. If you must cancel, you may reschedule for another time that works better for you, within your therapist’s availability. Because we hold space just for you, you will be charged for the missed session. We will not however, charge you for your makeup session. This allows us to offer consistency and flexibility, while holding smaller caseloads in order to offer you our most focused and engaged selves. While many therapists see 30 or more clients per week, we see no more than 20 in order to preserve our own emotional and mental wellbeing, and offer the holistic, sacred space we promise to hold for you. Good therapy is sometimes hard therapy, which requires a big commitment from you and a big commitment from your therapist beyond the hour that you’re working with them. We’re asking for a lot from you–we promise to give a lot back. Any therapist time off will be communicated well in advance, except in the case of emergency in which case you will not be charged.

Why We Don’t Accept Insurance

HMC therapists work for their clients, not insurance companies. While insurance is hugely beneficial in many situations, in mental health, it’s iffy at best. Insurance companies require a diagnosis for client coverage and reimbursement. This diagnosis stays with a person, in their medical record for life. With rare exception, I don’t believe in pathologizing people for responding to their lived experiences. As well, insurance companies often require full access to case notes, and client history which is highly personal and vulnerable information. Finally, from the therapist’s side, insurance companies usually reimburse a therapist their full fee, can refuse to pay, and can require that a therapist repay them if it’s determined later that services were not “medically necessary”. I won’t even get into the required paperwork to be set up with and continue with an insurance company. All said, if you would like to try to receive reimbursement for your work with us, from your insurance company, we can offer you a superbill. Please know this will require a diagnosis and full access to your chart, case notes, etc.